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Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That being said, I have no idea if any of the items listed below are part of Amazon's qualifying purchases, and I only recommend products that I have bought, tried, liked and continue to use. If you choose to purchase these items through the links below it means that you value the work I do. I have spent years buying and using products to find what works for me, and to make a few extra cents here and there to recommend those tried and true products, well that's pretty cool. Thank you!

Zebra Mechanical Pencil

Tombow Mechanical Eraser

2B Pencils Bulk

Fineliner Pens – I first bought these on a whim and could not be happier with them. I have found much more success drawing onto lino with these fineliners than with any other kind.

Posca White paint Pens – This was another purchase that I hummed and hawed over for quite a while before buying. The reviews were mixed on amazon but I wanted to see how they compared to using a fine tipped brush. It’s obviously so much easier to draw a straight line with a paint pen over a brush with pain on it. I like this pack of three because you can try the three sizes and see what your preference is before buying a pack with lots of colours.

Keychain hook Set of 50 -

Headband Jeweler Magnifying Glass

Anti-Smudge Sketching gloves

Blank Notebook

Wrist Support for Tendonitis – If you’re like me, maybe sometimes you get tendonitis flair ups or strain your thumb muscles from over use. If this is the case, give this wrist brace a try. Obviously it’s not a magic solution but it holds your wrist and thumb in a neutral position and reminds you to be gentle with yourself so it can heal. I like it because it’s not bulky and I can wear it for hours without irritation.


Stazon Refill Ink – If you already have a Stazin ink pad, or are about to buy one, buy this as well. It will save you money in the long run to buy the refill ink so you can top up your current ink pad, and is less product wastage than buying multiple ink pads.

Mini Ink Pads

White A2 Greeting Card Envelopes

Craft A2 Greeting Card Envelopes

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