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Framing and Office Supplies (An Artist's Office)

Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That being said, I have no idea if any of the items listed below are part of Amazon's qualifying purchases, and I only recommend products that I have bought, tried, liked and continue to use. If you choose to purchase these items through the links below it means that you value the work I do. I have spent years buying and using products to find what works for me, and to make a few extra cents here and there to recommend those tried and true products, well that's pretty cool. Thank you!

Photography booth 14x16” - I bought this small photo booth is 2018 and it has served me well. It is great for shooting smaller products and artwork but if you have anything larger than, say... 8x10", this booth is not going to cut it. I wish it was bigger, but I still love it. It comes with 4 coloured backdrops, although I only use the white, if you have small items to photograph, this booth will definitely do the trick.

Bluetooth Clicker - These are great for making stop motion videos. It comes in a pack of two, and if you're like me, and you tend to misplace things, having a spare comes in handy!


Frames 8x10” pack of 7- I will only review this item once because it's the same place that makes all three sizes. I LOVE these frames. Is it real wood? No. Does is look pretty dang close? YES! How's the quality? Wonderful. I have bought all three sizes of these frames more than once. They come in packs of 7 (why 7 I ask myself? I have no idea) and 7 is a pretty great number. Unlike a lot of frames on the market which are flimsy, these have heft. I have used them to frame commissioned pieces, my own work to hang in my house, and gifted them.

Frames 5x7” pack of 7

Frames 4x6” pack of 7


Anti-Smudge Sketching Gloves - Whether your left or right handed, create digital or IRL, these gloves work wonders. The same says it all. A while back I saw someone on Instagram wearing one of these gloves and I was like... WHAAAA? So I looked them up and bought these. I started using procreate this year, or last year? Anyways, one issue I had was that the side of my hand was constantly making unwanted marks on my "canvas". This glove prevents this. Best part about it? It comes in a pack of 4!! Why is that a bonus? Because they are easy to misplace. I find mine in the most ridiculous places, so it's nice to know there's extra. When using pencil or pen, they will prevent you from getting smudges on your hands. I don't mind messy hands so I use mine exclusively when working on the ipad.

Blank Notebook- This is an amazon basics product that I bought last winter to try when they were on sale and dang it, they got me hooked. Essentially they are just like a moleskeine notebooks, except they say amazon basics in a tiny imprint on the back. You can get them lined, squared, or blank. The blank is great as a sketchbook or just to jot things down. Always handy to have!

Double Sided Tape- I cannot tell you how often I use this double-sided tape! It seems like it's every other day. If you're reading this, you can know one of my secrets... I use this tape to fasten my custom stamps to wood. Shh. Don't pass it on.

Resealable 5x7” clear bags- These are the cello bags I use to but greeting cards, or small prints in for shipping, and in -person sales so people don't get hand oils on the art. They have a resealable top. Not much to talk about here. They work as intended. Acid free which is important for artwork. You can also use them for grab bags, goodie bags, anything really.

Sticky Tack - I just recently bought this for the first time and it worked as described. I wanted it so I could tack art up on a white wall to photograph it. IT WORKED!

100 piece D-Ring Framing - Ok, I just finished going through my first pack of 100 and have re-ordered for a second time! That's what I call high praise.These D- rings are great for smaller weighted pieces, I think up to 10lbs... I hope. They are easy to install and come with screws. The only complaint I have about this pack, is that there were a few screws that were faulty on the top. This was not a swaying factor for me because I always keep spares in stock.


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